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Friday, July 3, 2009

Bill clarity and openness

Bills should be limited to 30 pages in length, including all riders but not including reference data tables, unless specifically extended. Any length extension should be voted on and accepted by a simple majority, and each extension may not more than double the previous length.

All votes for or against bills should be recorded and publically published and posted online. All members' votes for or against bills, including show-of-hands votes, should be recorded.

All bills should be publically published and posted online in final form for 30 days prior to any final vote, unless the bill is voted to be urgent. Any bill to be identified as urgent should be voted as urgent and accepted by 2/3 majority, publically published and posted online in final form for 7 days, and the bill should be accepted by 2/3 majority; if either vote fails, the bill will continue as normal priority.

The only members who should be permitted to vote on a bill should have first read the bill in its entirety. All others will be counted as "Present."

Previous post title: "Only those who read a bill should vote on that bill".

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