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Friday, April 9, 2010

Nuclear Weapons

My policies concerning US-based nuclear weapons, in absence of an alternate major deterrent weapon:

Have sufficient weapons in sufficient numbers and locations to be able to retaliate with a weapon strike on any site on Earth within one hour.

Maintain and replace these weapons as necessary to remain readiness.

Upgrade these weapons when possible to reduce the number needed to maintain full coverage and to reduce collateral damage without reducing efficiency.

If a weapon of mass destruction, that is, a weapon, nuclear or otherwise, with an estimated death count exceeding 100,000 or a destruction radius exceeding one mile, is used on us or our allies:

First attempt to neutralize the weapon prior to detonation or to intercept it prior to arrival at its target.

Second, strike the launch site with a weapon of similar yield. If the weapon was transported rather than launched, attempt to locate the origin and strike that point.

If a launch site or origin could not be located and an organization claims responsibility, strike their headquarters/base of operations/broadcast origin.

The primary goal is to destroy any additional weapons at the point of origin.

Third, use tactical/smaller yield devices on any additional locations controlled by the same force which intelligence reports probably have similar weapons. Take reasonable precautions to limit damage to the confines of the target facility while completely obliterating the entire facility.

The primary goal is to destroy any additional weapons the same enemy may have.

If other countries express concern that we may incorrectly believe them involved in hostile activities, we may simply respond that they need to make sure that we have no cause to do so. If they do not participate in hostile activities, do not permit hostile activities within their borders or by their countrymen, and do not ally themselves with those who do such things, they will have no need for concern. But we will do whatever it takes to maintain our peace and safety.